​​​​​​​MODON Organization​

The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) was established pursuant to the Council of Ministers Resolution No. 235 dated 27/8/1422AH. The Authority was launched to adapt to the local and global variables and the growing needs of the basic environment required for the Kingdom's industrial development. The Authority was also established with an aim to fulfill the requirements of the future, and to help the private sector play a greater role in the development, operation and management of facilities and services, in order to provide industrial lands in a competitive manner and under the market's current apparatus. The launch of MODON can also push ahead the Kingdom steps towards the era of privatizing the facilities and services, to keep up with international agreements and to open external markets for the national industry.

Compliant with its mandate, the MODON institutional structure is based on a specific structure, to take full advantage of the partnership between the State and the private sector and to utilize the efficiency of offering well-planned industrial lands. This, hopefully, cab be available through a working environment that transparently distributes the roles between MODON and the private sector. This requires differentiation between the planning, supervision and the monitoring tasks achieved by MODON, and the finance, construction and operational tasks normally handled by the private sector in a competitive manner.

Internal Statute

The decision issued by MODON Board of Directors No. 2003/5, dated 3/12/1423H, has determined the Authority's Internal Statute that will set the rules and standards governing the work of MODON in accordance with the policies and strategies aimed at developing the work of the Authority in a highly disciplined and professional manner. This can hopefully achieve the goal behind establishing the Authority, to help develop the industry and overcome the obstacles that may be confronted by the investors in this very important field.​

 Last modified 04 Nov 2019
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