Modon Lake

"Modon" is interested in developing its social role and participating in various activities. Within this framework, "MODON" has established "Modon Lake" in the second industrial city in Dammam, which is the largest industrial lake developed in the Kingdom, as it is a renewable water It is being treated in an environmentally friendly way within the second industrial city in Dammam. The total area of the lake project is 400 thousand square meters, the area of the lake of which is 210 thousand square meters, representing 52%.

The project includes green spaces in addition to 760 palm trees distributed over the lake in a wonderful engineering and aesthetic manner, and the project also includes footpaths of 4 km long designed in a distinctive way, a health walkway of 10 km to serve the lake visitors, in addition to fountains and a park, which makes the place an outlet to enjoy a Time is there.

Let's go to the lake


 Last modified 28 May 2023
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