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MODON Environmental Management System - MODON established in 2013 the MODON Environmental Management System, with the aim of supporting and developing environmental services provided to industrial cities and following up on their environmental performance, and implementing the MEMS plan aimed at establishing environmentally friendly green industrial cities, as the stages of the system came into effect. In conjunction with the beginning of the first phase of the project, which was implemented in partnership with Fujitsu Corporation of Japan (MEMS-I).

The “Modon Environmental Management” system includes eight programs, including the ambient air quality monitoring program in the main industrial cities (Riyadh Second Industrial City, Jeddah First Industrial City and Dammam Second Industrial City), in addition to the two programs for chimney testing and wastewater monitoring.

During the year 2015 AD, the second phase of the "Modon Environmental Management" system was launched with a new vision and another qualitative partnership with the same French technology, and its advanced programs that included 15 cities (Saudi Envirozone), the Saudi Environmental Sector Industrial Company, where the number of ambient air quality measurement stations were increased to reach To 10 fixed stations, a mobile station, and a more comprehensive coverage range for stack tests, followed by the development of a specific program concerned with environmental auditing of industrial facilities 14001 and the ISO program in line with the system

In partnership with QA / QC, the project will automate environmental systems using specialized databases and another program dedicated to modeling the spread of air pollutants, in addition to the British Quality and Quality Program and a specialized qualification program to build national competencies Ricardo-AEA

In its second phase, the Modon Environmental Management System included 6 programs that were implemented directly by the Modon team, namely: “Environmental Correction, Environmental Inspection, Environmental Awareness, Evaluation of Environmental Industrial Applications, Environmental Rehabilitation, and Environmental Risks Assessment. MODON on the contractor's performance in implementing the above-mentioned seven programs

In order for a greater number of (Saudi Envirozone) to be covered, and at the beginning of the year 2019, the third phase of the “MODON Environmental Management” system was launched in its operational form with the Saudi Environmental Sector Company, Industrial Cities, and four main programs were implemented, including: “The program for operating and maintaining air quality stations ( 10 stationary and one mobile stations), the stacks test program, the environmental inspection program 14001, and the program for developing and operating the electronic systems of the system in accordance with ISO.

Environmental inspection

Modon works to raise the environmental efficiency of industrial establishments by identifying wrong practices, and then the necessary procedures for that, by creating a specialized program for environmental inspection and expanding the scope of inspection in terms of quantity and quality. Therefore, 15 industrial cities were covered in the environmental inspection program, with a total of 448 environmental inspection visits.

Chimney test

According to local requirements to assess the extent of the impact of industrial processes and the emissions produced by them on air quality in general, the concentration of airborne particles, in addition to the gaseous pollutants emitted from chimneys, was monitored, as these data had a clear impact on assessing pollutant emission rates from chimneys, in addition to reducing the observed pollution levels. In industrial cities, where industrial establishments that recorded high emission levels of one or more pollutants were provided with optimal engineering solutions by experts in this field and their implementation was followed up by the employees of "Modon".

Eight industrial cities were covered through the stacks test program, with a total of 386 tests, and these tests are carried out according to local specifications and standards such as the executive regulations of the general environment system, and international ones such as the US Environmental Protection Agency USEPA and the World Bank.

Operation of Air-quality Monitoring Stations

MODON operates 11 air-quality monitoring stations, ten of which are fixed stations and one that is mobile. During the second phase of the project, air-quality monitoring was expanded in both quantity and quality to cover ten industrial cities and provide continuous data on the environmental conditions present in the industrial cities. ​ In addition, a mobile air-quality monitoring station was launched to cover the promising cities and provide MODON with the necessary information to assess the environmental situations of targeted industrial cities. This helps contribute to the optimal planning of future industrial cities, with a particular focus on the types of industries that would be acceptable at each site and the manner in which industrial areas are divided by sector.

Afforestation Projects

As part of its efforts to transform the industrial cities into environmentally friendly destinations, MODON has implemented afforestation projects to increase the number of trees planted. To date, more than 63.6 thousand trees have been planted. In addition, vegetation has been increased through landscaping efforts, with green areas, trees, lakes, and fountains now covering a combined area of more than 1.8 million m2. In the year 2018, MODON signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture committing to the growth of one million trees in industrial cities affiliated to MODON across the Kingdom through the Afforestation and Natural Vegetation Development Initiative. The project came within the framework of environment protection plans designed to support wildlife and reduce the effects of the desertification phenomenon.


Despite a year-on-year decrease in demand for water services in the industrial cities during 2018, MODON is forging ahead with its plans to develop water services and facilities. These include new drinking water, pumping station, sewage treatment, and reservoir projects, and well as the expansion of existing irrigation networks.


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