Security and Safety

Modon is committed to creating a working environment safe for employees, partner assets and local communities. To that end, Modon adopts a holistic policy focused on safety, security, health and the environment – an important component of a balanced strategy to achieve sustainable development across our industrial cities.


Within this framework, the following actions have been implemented:​​

  • Occupational rsafety and security rules and standards were formulated and industrial facilities’ compliance with them monitored. We also appointed experts and specialists in this field, trained employees and raised awareness in line with objectives to improve performance levels and strengthen safety and security in the industrial cities. A further objective is to protect community members, mitigate risk and preserve the environment.
  • A safety management system based on the latest international safety standard – ISO 45001 – was implemented with the aim of improving the standard of our safety operations.
  • ​​ An electronic system to support our safety management system was installed focusing on inspection, follow-up of corrective measures, risk assessment, safety audits and issuance of business licenses.
  • A general emergency response plan was developed and the 1920 hotline that receives reports 24 hours a day activated with a view to increase preparation levels and response speed.
  • Factories in the industrial cities were classified based on their hazard potential. This system was implemented by monitoring factories' compliance with safety rules monthly, based on reports generated from field inspection visits that cover all factories in the industrial cities.
  • A mechanism to test mock evacuation plans was implemented as part of plans to boost preparation levels during emergencies. We carried out 14 drills at the main buildings of our industrial cities including: Riyadh First Industrial City, Riyadh Second Industrial City, Dammam First Industrial City, Dammam Second Industrial City, Jeddah First Industrial City, Jeddah Second Industrial City , Sudair City for Industry and Businesses, Al-Kharj Industrial City, Al-Madina Al-Munawwara Industrial City; and Al-Ahsa Industrial City.
  • Four emergency response plans were executed in partnership with external stakeholders including the Civil Defense, Saudi Red Crescent and Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF).

Safety Visits

Modon conducted periodic inspection visits to ensure the integrity and readiness of firefighting systems in factories and to check for chemical leaks over 2020. We conducted 2,890 field visits during which we checked the robustness of storage conditions and reported any hazard-related observations. We also developed corrective measures and monitored their implementation

2,890 inspection visits were conducted ​

Special Fire Teams

Modon is committed to promoting safety and security inside our industrial cities; 2020 witnessed the implementation of many firefighting and rescue projects as part of efforts to facilitate the fastest possible response rate in case of emergencies, disasters or accidents as well as minimizing potential losses. Five firefighting and rescue stations were established in Sudair City for Industry and Businesses, Al-Kharj Industrial City, Al-Madina Al-Munawwara Industrial City, Dammam Third Industrial City and Jeddah Second Industrial City. We also launched a rapid intervention unit at Asir Industrial City. To raise service standards, work is currently underway to integrate fire stations with factories through a smart system that triggers an alarm in the event of an emergency, allowing firefighting teams to respond swiftly​

Industrial Security

Ensuring the security of Modon’s employees and facilities has always been a top priority and we work hard to ensure we have the necessary human and technical resources to fulfil this commitment. 2020 witnessed the implementation of several development plans to manage and protect traffic and promote general safety. We also developed many supporting mechanisms that had a positive impact on overall security performance and minimized violations and infringements. Improved performance levels and reduced violations additionally came through projects launched to monitor our facilities. We developed industrial safety and security solutions through the recruitment of qualified personnel and implementation of modern processes. Our security vehicles have also been equipped with advanced tracking systems and surveillance cameras to help monitor and improve the quality of security performance and ensure a safe environment that protects investments.​

Maintenance and operation

Modon conducted an extensive review in 2020 of the best international practices in maintenance and operation. We developed programs that aim to increase preparation levels in case of crises and preserve the asset value of our facilities and industrial cities. Our programs cover all types of maintenance including preventive and predictive maintenance, monitoring, production operations and other protective measures. ​We also developed plans to increase operational efficiency through the latest technologies. Quality assessment indicators and other administrative procedures and policies were established, reducing the operational and maintenance costs of industrial cities and increasing the standard of services Modon provides to its partners.

 Last modified 08 Sep 2021
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