MODON is committed to creating a work environment that can protect its employees, owners and surrounding communities in the industrial cities by adopting a policy of safety, health and environment, which comes within its balanced strategy aimed at achieving sustainable development of various industrial cities. Within the framework of this commitment the following has been carried out:

  • MODON enacted rules for occupational safety and security that monitor the compliance of industrial establishments, and appointed experts and specialists in this field, and trained their employees and raised their preventive awareness on the basis of standards aimed to enhance performance levels, raise industrial safety and security levels in the industrial cities and those of the community members, mitigate risks, and conserve environmental resources.
  •  MODON established a Safety Management System based to the latest international safety management practices ISO45001 in order to raise the level of safety operations.
  •   MODON launched an electronic system supporting the safety management system, which included five new electronic services, namely: inspection, follow-up of correction of errors, risk assessment, safety audits, and issuance of electronic business licenses.
  •  MODON organized safety and security activities for its employees on World Safety Day, during which a number of prominent safety professionals were hosted.
  •  MODON adopted the classification of factories in the industrial cities according to their hazards. Such classification works on monitoring the factories' compliance with the specific requirements through the reports generated from field visits on a monthly basis, covering all factories in the industrial cities.
  • MODON established a mechanism for the evacuation plans as part of its emergency plans, and carried out 10 mock evacuations in 2018 in the main buildings of the industrial cities including the headquarters in Riyadh, Dammam First Industrial City, Dammam Second Industrial City, Riyadh Second Industrial City, Jeddah First Industrial City, Jeddah Second Industrial City, Sudair Industrial and Business City, Al-Kharj Industrial City, Madinah Industrial City and Al-Ihsaa Industrial City.​

Safety Visits

MODON pays attention to the preparation of inspection visits to ensure the safe installation of fire combating systems in factories, the absence of chemicals leaks, and good storage practices (type and storage method). The number of visits in 2018 reached 2890 visits.

Special fire teams

MODON is committed to implementing a number of fire and rescue projects in the industrial cities, as part of its commitment to provide the highest levels of response in the event of emergencies, disasters or accidents, and reduce casualties.

In the year 2018, the fire and rescue station in Waad Al-Shamal Industrial City was operated during the visit of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince. This was followed by five other visits to Sudair Business and Industrial City, Al-Kharj Industrial City, Dammam Third Industrial City, Jeddah Second Industrial City and Madinah Industrial City.

 Industrial Security

MODON initiated a number of projects to develop industrial security services that will maintain traffic and public safety and provided many supporting mechanisms, which reflect positively on the overall performance and limited violations and encroachments. MODON also focused on improving performance and reducing violations through the projects launched to monitor the facilities, and the development of industrial security and safety solutions by hiring a number of qualified personnel and employing modern mechanisms.​


 Last modified 19 Nov 2019
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