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Shareek system was built in response to the national plan for electronic transactions. It is based on the vision of MODON to provide integrated services that meet the needs of its investor partners and put the customer first. As a result of this program, a set of initiatives and projects have been implemented, with a significant impact on enhancing the process of communicating with customers, responding to their requirements and needs, and improving performance.

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  • Saving the costs of transactions with MODON for investors and other partners.
  • Improving procedural processes, increasing their efficiency, and reducing the associated wasted costs.
  • Achieving high levels of quality in outputs, such as information, reports, statistics, etc.
  • Achieving high levels of transparency by providing access to all the information, reports, statistics, and other matters of interest to the investor partner.
  • Integration with other government agencies at as many levels of data and procedures as possible.


Modon Partners

Services Provided

  • Contracting Service for MODON Products (Privatization)
  • Plans Approval Service
  • Building Permits Service
  • Monthly Building Follow-up Service
  • Billing Services

 Last modified 15 Aug 2022
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