The e-participation policy aims to provide a secure interactive environment for "Modon's" website visitors, suited to different age groups participating in our e-platforms, and stimulate and encourage effective and positive participation, while avoiding any activities or content harmful to others or violating applicable laws and directions. ​

Conditions and controls for e-participation:​

  1. Respect for others: All users must treat others with respect and professionalism, avoiding obscene language, threats or discrimination on the basis of sex, race, religion, nationality, age or any other factors
  2. Do not publish personal information: Users must not publish or share personal information of others without their permission, such as mailing addresses, phone numbers, banking information or any other personal and private information.
  3. No hacking or fraud: Users must not engage in offending activities such as hacking, fraud or unlawful use of the online platform, and the distribution of malware, viruses or any other content that can harm the integrity of the system and other users is prohibited.
  4. Intellectual property rights: Users must not copy, distribute or use any content subject to the protection of intellectual property rights without the permission of the right holder.
  5. Constructive contribution: Users must share constructive and useful content, where questions and discussions can be asked, and help others in a cooperative and positive manner.
  6. Reporting violations: Users must report all violations of the e-participation policy, as available tools can be used to report abusive content or inappropriate behavior.

Appropriate action will be taken against any user who violates the e-participation policy, and may include warning, banning the user, or taking legal action if necessary.

Note: Platform management reserves the right to amend the e-participation policy at any time and without prior notice. Users must always check the policy and ensure compliance with the latest available version.​

Objectives of e-participation:

Promote the concept of transparency about the beneficiary's interest in information through surveys, codes and referendums, thereby disseminating the consequences thereof.​

Provide a number of e-participation channels, facilitate their use by providing direct links to them, and provide a comprehensive description of each.

Enhancing the role of beneficiaries for greater interaction, participation in decision-making and improvement and quality of "Modon's" services.​​

 Last modified 24 Oct 2023
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