Opportunity Title Opportunity City Opportunity Explanation Opportunity Readiness Applying
Managing and operating ready-built factories
Management and operation of structurally completed modular ready factories
  The prefabricated factories are considered model fixed assets of high quality that the authority invested in building and directed to local and international investors. It provides an attractive industrial environment. These model factories are available in most industrial cities and are considered in high demand by investors and are valuable a​​nd high usefulness.​

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Cold storage complex
Establishing and operating cold storage warehouses to meet the growing demand for storing foodstuffs, medical and cosmetic materials in the city of Jeddah and the surrounding areas, the storage area allocated to the project reaches 150,000 square meters in its first phase, and in its final phase it will reach 300,000 square meters. With an estimated capital cost of 140 million Saudi riyals, to meet 20% to 40% of the volume of demand.​​

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​​​Establishing a nursery to meet the needs of male and female workers in the industrial cities where the opportunity is located​​
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Full service commercial complex with 4 star or higher hotel
A commercial complex that includes appropriate integrated services, where the proposed land has a distinctive view of the city of Khamis Mushait and is cl​ose to the urban area
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Residential complex for employees
Establishing residential complexes to accommodate workers in the industrial cities, the opportunity, as these cities are currently devoid of any housing for workers, with a large number of factories looking for housing for their workers.​

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Movie showroom
​​Establishing a hall to show films suitable for workers in the industrial cities, where the opportunity is located, as these cities have a large number of​ workers looking for suitable recreational facilities.​
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Health center
Providing a center to provide various medical and emergency services, including medical examinations for expatriates​

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Entertainment center
Entertainment Center f​or various activities, such as football, volleyball, and others, according to the pre-booking system, in order to serve the workers and residents of the industrial city.

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Ready-built factories
​​Establishing a complex of ready-built factories it is done through the exploitation of industrial lands and the provision of ready factories for use by investors and industrialists in different sectors. It provides an attractive environment for industrialists, with added value and  high selling advantage. Which makes it a good return in the medium and long term.​

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Multi-role factories
Construction of a multi-storey building designed for industrial and commercial (multi-use) use. It is characterized by the possibility of exploiting areas close to cities, or in other words, exploiting the proximity to population density and commercial movement, thus raising the commercial return on investment. Through it, light and clean industries can be targeted, as well as small and medium companies. ​
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 Last modified 28 Feb 2022
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