What are the procedures for allocating government land to be an industrial city?

You can get procedures directory of the government specified cities by visiting the Standards & Requirements Guides

What are the cities in which the industrial lands are available?

 You can find the industrial cities that have industrial lands through the following link

What is the service provided by the Saudi Industrial Property Authority to the factories?

MODON offers many products and services in cooperation with the relevant authorities and the private sector, such as: (industrial land, ready-built factories, service product, logistic product, industrial land and loan, industrial and factory loan, as well as land and logistic loan, all in cooperation with the Industrial Fund, and a OSOS product in cooperation With the Social Development Bank, and so on) and it can ​be found through Our Solution page

Can I request more than one land in an industrial city or different industrial cities?

 Yes, by submitting a new contract application through Shareek Portal

What are the standards and guides used for construction of the factories within the industrial cities?

The requirements and standards for building factories within the industrial cities stipulate:

  • Defections from surrounding area.
  • Height of the factory and the internal walls.
  • Land occupancy rate as, (Industrial, warehouses, administration and open spaces).
  • Shape of the walls, entrances and gates.

The Instructional Directory of standards and guides of building factories and supporting services. Building Standards and Requirements in Industrial Cities

What are the necessary documents to request the approval of private industrial city?

You can learn about the procedural steps for approving a private industrial city by entering 
MODON Services Directory

Or obtain the procedures manual for the specific industrial cities by viewing the manual of standards and requirements. Through the following link

Standards and requirements guides

How are Consulting Offices prequalified?

 You can apply for the qualification of a consulting office through the website - e-services - Qualifying of consultant office 

Which entities provide industrial loans in the Kingdom?

Saudi Industrial Development Fund

Social Development Bank

 Local Banks

What are the conditions and documents required to apply for an industrial loan from the Social Development Bank?

You can view all the necessary conditions and documents by entering Modon Services guide and getting to know the "OSOS" product in cooperation with the Social Development Bank, which serves industry and industrialists.

What is the role of "Modon" in the Social Development Bank agreement?

MODON works with the industrial investor to complete the documents and ensure that it conforms to the necessary requirements, then MODON submits to the Social Development Bank on behalf of the investor and follows up with it, until the bank contacts the investor and obtains the loan, which is disbursed in installments; by providing machinery, equipment, supplies and working capital, while the payment is through monthly payments paid directly to the Social Development Bank.

How can the client pay the financial payments to Modon?

The partner can pay any financial due to "Modon" through the SADAD system
by any of the electronic channels of the bank that deals with it, or through the SADAD forms available at all branches of local banks.​

Is the customer able to track the status of his request, financial payments, or details of investment and industrial contracts through the Modon website?

Sure, the partner can follow up on the status of his request electronically, and know the details of his financial dues or the details of investment or industrial contracts through the electronic services portal - Sharee portal - and access his account, then choose the workspace, then enter the contract or application, contract or order invoices.

Can I get information about the industrial cities and technology zones?

Sure. Details of each industrial or technical city can be found through the following link:

Can the partner change the industrial city after submitting the request?

Yes, this can be done by creating a ticket through the electronic ticket system via the e-services portal - Shareek portal and accessing the partner account, which allows him to follow up and manage all his inquiries and communications, and the request is studied and answered through the request.

Can the e-partner account password be recovered?

The partner can recover his password by entering the e-services portal - Shareek Portal - and choosing (forgot password) and the activation link will be sent to the e-mail registered in the system.

How can I view the maps of the industrial cities?

The Partner can see all the maps of the industrial cities that are supervised by (Modon) by accessing
Modon Maps

Is there a specific period for qualifying consulting offices?

The qualification period of the consulting office takes from one to two years, and the office has the right to re-request the qualification again.

What are the objectives of "MODON" in qualifying consulting offices?

The goal is to endow with the efforts exerted by the partner as the Consulting Office will be aware of all the criteria and stipulations required for building factories in the industrial cities.

How is the request for qualification of the consulting office approved, and are there fees for that?

Yes, the fees for qualifying the consulting office are 10,000 riyals, and the qualified consulting office is given an application number, which is a qualification certificate.

What are the documents to be submitted to request the approval of a general plan or a safety and security plan for factories?

All necessary documents and documents can be viewed through the scheme approval service electronically. All document and document image extensions must be of type (PDF, DOC, TIF, JPG, GIF, PNG) and their size does not exceed (5 MB), and the application is submitted from The consulting office chosen by the partner through a partner system, and the response is within three working days from the date of submitting the scheme.

What are the documents required for requesting land online?

A commercial register with an industrial activity.

What is the leasing period of the industrial lands and when does this period start?

The duration of industrial land contracts is up to 20 years, starting from the date of payment.

Is it possible to use industrial land to establish a warehouse or housing for factory workers?

Industrial lands are intended only for the establishment and operation of factories and not as warehouses or labor accommodation, which is considered an investment activity, and the partner can apply for investment or residential land through a Shareek Portal.

What industries are classified as polluting the environment, and which industrial cities are allowed to incubate these industries?

Environmentally contaminated industries are building materials, concrete, asphalt and  leather tanning.
 To know of the permitted cities, these can be found on the targeted activities of the industrial city you want to apply for through the website - our industrial cities - choose the city you want to apply for - the targeted industries

How a client can waive the industrial land or part of it?

The client can waive or amend an industrial land or part of it, fulfilling several conditions, the most important of which is that the factory must be productive. For examining the lease amendment service details, you can access Modon Services Directory.

What are the criteria that MODON depends on in allocating industrial lands?

The allocation process is done according to several criteria, the most important of which are type of activity, registered capital, production capacity and the required area.

What is the difference between the allocation fee and rental fee?

The financial consideration for allocation is paid by MODON to motivate the investor to speed up the process of starting production. It is paid only once and monthly for some other cities. As for the rental fees, they are paid annually as rent for the duration of the contract, and paid at the beginning of each contractual year.

Can I offer unused land for sale? Is it necessary to fully use the land?

The land which has not been used completely cannot be offered for sale. In case the land is not completely used, the rental rates will double each year. So the partner should be sure 
that the required land covers the actual needs of the industrial project.
The partner can waive the unused space by applying for the contract modification service.

Is it possible to request more than one investment land in one industrial city or several industrial cities?

Yes, it is possible if several criteria are met, such as the type and size of the activity and the required space.

What is the difference between the investment land and the industrial land?

Investment land is: land allocated for residential, commercial and logistic services, and industrial land: is land allocated for establishing and operating factories only.

Where does the client follow up on investment opportunities, and is it possible to request a proposed investment opportunity that is not among the list of announced investment opportunities?

MODON welcomes the customer's request for any proposed investment opportunity,
You can follow up the investment opportunities by accessing Investment

What are the documents required for requesting an investment opportunity? What is the leasing contract period for investment lands?

The documents required for requesting an investment opportunity, kindly visit Modon Services Directory The leasing contract period varies in accordance with several criteria, such as type of activity, location of the industrial city and the size of the activity.

Is it mandatory for me to fully use the required land and can I offer the unused investment land for sale?

Yes, the client must completely use the land. In case the client wishes to offer the unused investment land for sale, such can be done by the General Administration.

What are the incentives offered by the state to factories in the industrial cities?

Incentives offered by the kingdom to the factories in the industrial cities are many like: symbolic renting value and customs exemptions. You can see the full details by clicking on
advantages of investing in the industrial cities ​​

What are the documents required to submit to apply for industrial land?

Commercial register in industrial activity

What is the time period for the client to be able to extract the blueprints?

​ 6 months from the beginning of the contract.​

What is the time period for the customer in which to pay allocation fee?

20 days from the issuance of the invoice to the customer.​

Can partner renew his contract electronically?

​Yes, by accessing his personal account and selecting (Electronic Applications) and thereafter selecting (Contract renewal).​

Can the partner change the factory name without transferring the ownership?

.Yes, if the name changes in the commercial register, The partner enters into his account in the partner - contracts - contract modification system, and requests the contract to be amended while the ownership remains

Can the partner transfer the factory ownership to another investor?

Yes, by logging into his account through the electronic services and submitting a request to relinquish the entire ownership through the contract modification service.

Does MODON provide a team to assist and respond to inquiries when applying for the allocation of industrial land or a ready-built factory?

​Yes, you can communicate our Partner Care through 

Unified number (8002499944) from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm

WhatsApp Business: https://wa.me/9668002499944​

  Email: info@modon.gov.sa

Twitter: @modon_care

Can any engineering consultancy office submit a request to MODON to approve plans?

No, and the office must be approved by MODON.

Can a partner carry out any maintenance work inside the factory without a permit?

No, and the partner must submit a permit application through his account in the Partner Portal - cities services - permits.

Can a consultancy office submit electronic request for license or the plan without the partner consent?

​No, the consulting office must initially submit a supervision request to the partner through electronic services, then the partner approves from his own account through the “Property Management” icon and then choose the “Contracts Validity” icon.​

Can a partner check his factory's invoices?

​Yes, by accessing his personal account in the Partner Portal and selecting workspace - contracts and thereafter by selecting invoices icon.​

Is there any emergency number for MODON?

​Modon emergency number is (1920)​

Does MODON plan to launch a program to localize industries?

​We are working on a number of initiatives to localize the industry with several government and private agencies, especially in the field of energy and military industries.​

Can the partner waive the industrial land or part of it?

The partner can assign or modify an industrial land or part of it according to several conditions, the most important of which is that the factory is productive, 

The partner can apply for a waiver of all or part of the ownership through his account  and apply for a contract modification request.

Where can I find information on Ready-Built Factories?

You can see all the details of the ready-built factories through the website - Our Solutions - Ready-built factories and see all the details.

When does the lease contract for logistic lands begin, and how long is the contract term?

Logistics land contracts duration is up to 50 years, starting from the date of payment.


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