Riyadh Technology Valley


The Riyadh Valley Company was established as King Saud University’s investment arm that aims to contribute towards economic growth by developing local technology and localizing job opportunities available in technical and knowledge-based fields. Its Riyadh Technology Valley complex serves as a center that encourages scientific research and investment in creativity and innovation. The project seeks to employ national talents in various technology, service, knowledge and other related vital industries with the aim of achieving sustainable development and contributing to the development of a modern knowledge economy.

Completion percentage 45%

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Al-Raidah Digital City


The General Retirement Corporation (Al-Raidah Investment Company) established its eponymous digital city to develop the telecommunications and technology sectors. The company continues to adhere to Modon's regulations and criteria that ensure technology zones meet the latest specifications and highest international standards. To implement the project, license number 1/Kh T was obtained on 1/7/1427 AH (July 27, 2006). 

Completion percentage 95%

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Wadi Makkah Technological Complex

Makkah AlMukarama

Wadi Makkah Company for Technology obtained development license number 6/Kh T on 28/12/1438 AH (September 20, 2017)

Completion percentage 25%

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 Last modified 09 May 2022
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