Providing an intelligent industrial and technological environment for industry and relentlessly contributing to the nation’s economic development.


Developing and managing industrial cities and technology zones that enjoy robust growth and encourage a sustainable economic environment.


Empowerment: Empower our employees to enhance the role of MODON towards enabling the Kingdom's industries

Commitment: We are committed to performing our mission and spreading the industrial culture in the community.

Giving: Continuing to give, in order to realize our partners' full satisfaction.

Initiative: We initiate and develop the best of products and services to achieve higher levels in the industrial community’s progress.

Quality Policy

The Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) works to regularly provide services that meet or exceed its customers' expectations. MODON is actively working to develop the quality of services through programs that help employees carry out their tasks in the right professional manner.


Since its inception in 2001, the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (MODON) has been developing integrated industrial lands to the highest global standards. It currently oversees 35 industrial cities under development in different regions of the Kingdom, as well as supervising private industrial cities. Currently, MODON's industrial areas exceed 194.4 million square meters. The existing industrial lands include 3,474 productive factories, in addition to 6,190 industrial, service and logistic contracts, and more than 435,000 employees working in those factories.

MODON depends on its institutional structure in order to take full advantage of the partnership between the State and the private sector and to utilize the efficiency of offering well-planned industrial lands. This, hopefully, can be available through a working environment that transparently distributes the roles between MODON and the private sector. This requires differentiation between the planning, supervision and the monitoring tasks achieved by MODON, and the finance, construction and operational tasks normally handled by the private sector in a competitive manner.

MODON has succeeded in marketing the advantages and incentives of its industrial cities. This helped attract leading international companies in the industrial field, and global investments that are added value to the Saudi industrial investment. MODON also has attained significant progress in its internal partnerships and attracted investments of more than SR500 billion so far, through 6,271 industrial, service and logistic contracts covering many industrial and investment activities.

MODON seeks to deliver an ideal investment climate that attracts quality investments, to help build the national economy and achieve the aspirations of the Kingdom's leadership, with full emphasis on promoting and developing the MODON oasis and technology zones in various regions of the Kingdom. MODON also endeavors to encourage the added-value industries including gas, energy, mining and others. It also supports its industrial cities with all the necessary logistic services, and works to connect them to various land and air transport networks. This reflects MODON's deep commitment to providing wisely-selected cities with integrated residential areas.​

MODON is enthusiastic to develop its industrial cities in a way that provides unique investment opportunities for all capital investors around the globe. It ensures creation of economic strength, job opportunities and manpower development by facilitating procedures and providing many guarantees. This includes the sector of small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurs and big local companies. The company also works to attract international companies to contribute to achieving the goals of Vision 2030, in terms of diversifying the national economy and stimulating the localization of the Kingdom's industrial sector through offering a competitive environment that paves the way for raising the quality standards and improving the labor force.

Some of the main industrial cities supervised by MODON

In addition, there are MODON oasis in Al-Ihsaa, Jeddah, Qassim, Al-Jouf and Yanbu.

 Last modified 03 Oct 2019
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