Modon Oasis in Yanbu

Main Information

Date of Creation



North of the center of Yanbu city, north of Yanbu Regional Airport.

Total Area


Developed Area

Fully developed

Factories Count

Distance to the nearest airport

3 km to Prince Abdulmohsin bin Abdulaziz Domestic Airport

Distance to the nearest railway station

222 km to Al-Madinah Haramain High-Speed Railway Station

Distance to the nearest port

42 km to King Fahad Industrial Port

Water and Electricity Power

Electricity Capacity of drinking water Sewage treatment plants
Electricity network completed and internal network under implementation Under implementation, to be connected to the public network

Current and Targeted Industries

  • Jewelry and accessories
  • Fashion and Textile 
  • Cosmetics
  • Handicrafts

New Industrial Projects

Project Name Completion Project Status
2019 2020
Execution of potable water pipeline supplying the oasis جديد: NEW 77% Under Implementation
Construction of potable water and irrigation tanks جديد: NEW 7% Under Implementation
Construction of gates and fences جديد: NEW 19% Under Implementation
Development of commercial area infrastructure جديد: NEW 16% Under Implementation
Construction of 20 purpose-built factories, each with an area of 700 m2 جديد: NEW 11% Under Implementation
Execution of medium voltage network جديد: NEW جديد: NEW Under Implementation

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