​​MODON application for smart devices

This application represents the nucleus contributing to the support of industrial investors, through the review of factory information on maps, and the interactive communication to them by providing the feature of comment and share and add photos.

The app supports the following features:

  • Find factories classified by types of industries.
  • Search the application number of the allocated land and review the location on the map.
  • Browse maps of industrial cities.
  • Browse factory details supported by pictures and location on map.
  • The possibility of editing and adding pictures of the factory up to five pictures, while keeping the property of proofing and approval.
  • Evaluation of factories and participation by comment.
  • The possibility of communication with the factory by direct contact through the application or through the means of communication available about the factory.
  • Locate the plant on the map and link it to your current location.
  • Browse nearby factories.

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 Last modified 03 Nov 2019
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