Open Data are datasets that can be used, reused and redistributed by any individual without technical, financial or legal restrictions in line with the Open Data License. These datasets are published on the National Open Data Portal.

The portal offers a platform enabling visitors to access published information as needed. It features an open library with a comprehensive range of datasets. Our goal is to create a wide-ranging database in line with a public strategy to foster transparency, encourage digital participation and drive creativity. Modon is committed to publishing and updating such data on the Open Data Portal and making these widely accessible to all.

Open government data helps bridge the gap between the government and members of the public, who can benefit from such data in the following ways:
  1.   Be informed about how government authorities work.
  2.  ​ Evaluate the performance of different government organizations and their respective policies.
  3.    Conduct research, write reports and provide feedback.

 Last modified 22 Jun 2022
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