The Saudi Industrial Property Authority "MODON" signed memorandum of understanding with  the Social Commission for Women and Children which was presided over by Princess Fahda al-Athel, aim of strengthen their joint cooperation in raising the efficiency and participation of women in the labor market and enabling them to have decent and appropriate employment opportunities in industrial cities. Based on a productive and stimulating work environment, within the direction of the two sides to contribute and supporting non-profit community development, supporting business leaders and empowering their initiatives in community service in support of the industrial sector, to contribute to the implementation of the National Transformation Program 2020 and the realization of the Kingdom Vision 2030. The memorandum signed today by the Director General of "MODON", Eng. Khalid Al Salem, and the commission's deputy head Hoda Al-Rowaished  in Modon headquarters stated That "Modon" seek to create the environment and the appropriate location in one of the industrial cities to employ women and empower the work of women in the industrial sector according to the activities allowed in "Modon". Thereby supporting their social, professional and economic rehabilitation and contributing to the building of their productive capacities and skills, ensuring their independence. The memo also states that "Modon" will provides an opportunity for the Commission to provide employment services for women in the industrial city. In order to provide them with suitable employment opportunities, achieve sustainable job rotation and support women workers in factories to overcome the difficulties and challenges they may face in the workplace. In addition "Modon" taking the communication with the relevant authorities in order to enable the Committee to activate its programs to promote women's work and empowerment and provide appropriate opportunities for their status and nature, so as to optimize the exploitation of women's experiences and aspects of excellence. 
 Last modified 23 Apr 2019
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