The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) revealed its adoption and implementation of a new plan in the water sector in its Industrial Cities. This plan aims at improving the level of technical performance and reducing the financial costs. It also aims at supporting its productivity of desalinated and treated water by integrating the contracts of small remote cities with those of large cities with higher demand, adding terms to some of the contractors’ contracts, and standardizing monthly reports on operators to improve following-up on their performance. The Director of the Marketing and Corporate Communication Department at “Modon”, Bandar Al-Toaimi explained that the new plan included the treatment of water networks, the entry of a number of new stations, development of existing ones, the establishment of irrigation systems and pumping stations, wastewater treatment, supply of reservoirs and pumping stations, provision of water resources, and other services facilities and water projects. Al-Toaimi confirmed that the plan contributed to the creation of more sophistication and efficiency in performance, transforming Industrial Cities into an integrated system of services and facilities, and a distinctive and attractive environment for investment. This is achieved through the cooperation and involvement of the private sector in all "MODON" works in order to achieve the highest international standards at the levels of the services provided to its industrial partners and investors, which in turn achieves its strategic objectives, and contributes to the implementation of the National Transformation Program 2020, and supports Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.
Al-Toaimi said that by the end of last year, the volume of desalinated water produced in the Industrial Cities reached (171) thousand cubic meters per day in 2017. This volume supplied the factories and facilities with more than (130,000) cubic meters per day, with the possibility to pump an additional (40,000) cubic meters per day for new or under construction factories. Al-Toaimi said that this volume is more than sufficient for the needs of "MODON’s" Industrial Cities. Al-Toaimi pointed to "MODON" experience in the production of treated water suitable for industrial use, and the transformation of wastewater and industrial water into renewable water that contributes to reducing water consumption in industries that are not related to consumer products. He pointed out that the total carrying capacity for industrial and wastewater station reached (108,500) cubic meters per day. While (7) new stations are currently under construction, capable of absorbing (51,300) cubic meters per day of high quality treated water. To further improvement in water services "MODON”, has recently signed a contract of operation and utilization and alliance with the companies "International Water Distribution Co. Ltd" and the Portuguese company “Acwa Power”. To manage and improve water services in the Second and Third Industrial City in Jeddah, in a comprehensive and integrated manner, while meeting environmental and the water requirements in both Industrial Cities according to the latest international standards.

 Last modified 23 Apr 2019
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