The Saudi Industrial Property Authority "MODON" delegation led by its General Manager Eng. Khalid Al Salem, concluded a successful visit to the Republic of China, lasted for 4 days. During a several meetings were held with a number of major Chinese companies in the field of direct investment and technology, industrial incubators and the development of smart cities and others, as they discussed with them its existing and future projects in the Kingdom. Eng. Al-Salem said the visit came to activate the strategic partnership between the Kingdom and China, by attracting Chinese investment to Modon industrial cities, and raising the level of services offered and exploring opportunities for transforming them into smart industrial cities, in line with the “Modon” new strategy to move their industrial cities to a new stage of development and progress, in response to the aspirations of its investors and industrialists and support the performance of its industry enabling mission in the Kingdom, to meet their obligations in implementing the plans of the National Transformation Program 2020 and achieving Saudi Vision 2030. Al-Salem stated the first of their visits was to TEDA Holding and its subsidiaries in order to activate the memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation for the development and management of the industrial cities of Modon signed with the company more than a year ago and the signing of a new framework agreement for cooperation in attracting industrial investments in Dammam 3rd industrial city. Al-Salem clarified that  that the visit also included CFLD Company, a leader in the operation of modern industrial cities, to discuss the partnership opportunities available to move their industrial cities to smart cities and taking advantage of the company's expertise in creating specialized industrial clusters and developing partnerships with the private sector. It also included the signing of a memorandum of understanding with CASI Cloud, the leading provider of industrial electronic cloud, to evaluate the existing factories in Modon industrial cities, improve their performance through the smart transformation of the 4th industrial revolution, and agree to develop a unified industrial electronic platform linking Modon with its customers to improve their supply chain activities via e-commerce network. The program included the agreement with SHOUGANG Group to set up a technical team to attract modern construction technology for Ready Factory projects in the industrial cities, which was implemented by the company in a period not exceeding three weeks, and included a visit to Trina solar, which the delegation reviewed with them to provide services in the field of raising the efficiency of energy production, applications, generation plants, distribution and  the industrial field and discuss with them about the use of Internet technologies in upgrading the energy efficiency of factories and facilities in the Kingdom through cooperation with the program of the center of productivity. The delegation concluded the visit with a meeting with Alibaba Cloud, which showcase of its cloud services and applications to smart cities, with the aim of developing an e-commerce platform serving industrialists in the Kingdom. "Modon" seeks to activate strategic partnerships with the international industrial community to encourage and enable the industry in the Kingdom to meet the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030 , to encouraging the foreign investment and raise the level of services provided in the industrial cities.
 Last modified 23 Apr 2019
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