Saudi Industrial Property Authority “MODON” inaugurated the 1000 megawatts power (380 kilowatt) tension, central electric conversion station in Al-Medina Al-Munawwara Industrial City at a cost of 441 million riyals.

“MODON” stated that the setting up of the station came within “MODON” pursuit to provide comprehensive services to the industrial cities, in support of the development of the industry in the Kingdom. Adding that the station, which has been setup in 26 months, will drastically contribute to the promotion of electrical energy in the industrial city of Medina.

“MODON” pointed out that the allocation requests for industrial lands by investors are increasing in the industrial city of Medina, adding that the station will contribute to meet the current and future needs for electricity in the industrial city.
There are more than 230 existing and under construction factories in the industrial city of Al-Medina. Highlighting that its strategic location and proximity to the Prophet's Mosque, Yanbu Commercial Port, which is about 190 km away, Al-Haramain Train Station that links Medina to Makkah have contributed to the city becoming an industrial and commercial hub that promotes economic development and growth in the region.
It is worth mentioning that the abundance of basic services and raw materials for the manufacture of metals and building materials in the industrial city, which was established in 2003, has contributed to attracting a lot of specialized projects and qualitative investments to the industrial city.

 Last modified 23 Apr 2019
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