Portal users can view and use the open data free of charge and at their own risk. Modon has ensured that this is an established right for all beneficiaries.

Open Data Key Principles:

  1. We work on providing public access to all disclosable open data via the website and/or National Open Data Portal.

  2. We provide access to data in easily accessible and editable formats; common file types include CSV, XLS, JSON or XML.

  3. We update our available open data regularly.

  4. We provide comprehensive open data that can be disclosed publicly.

  5. Access to open data is guaranteed for all – there is no need to sign in, verify identity or provide a reason for such access.

  6. Open data is provided free of charge.

  7. A function to request new data has been introduced on the Modon website’s open data page. Requests are considered and responded to based on the open data policy.

Open Data General Rules:

  1. When the process to prepare disclosable open data begins, datasets are classified based on how beneficial they are; factors such as accuracy, freshness and consistency and who is likely to benefit from such data are all taken into consideration.

  2. After data is prepared, these are published based on priority and importance on our website, the National Open Data Portal or both and updated regularly; data quality and accuracy are primary considerations for publication.

  3. As a final step, we monitor the performance of open data and their usage frequency and study new requests to rearrange datasets based on demand.

Freedom of Information:

  • ​Responsibility of Data Users: The user of open data available on Modon’s portal shall be responsible for the reuse of such data. Such reuse may not result in any errors with regards to the content, date and source of such data. The data shall be used for scientific research purposes only and not for commercial use. All rights are reserved to the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon).
  • Modon’s Responsibility: Modon shall not be responsible for any misuse or damage suffered by any individual or entity resulting from the usage of data published on its online portal. Modon also rejects any responsibility for the users of such data, including any damage or loss incurred from reuse thereof.

Terms of Reuse:

  1. The user may not misrepresent such data or source thereof.

  2. Such data may never be used for political purposes, to support illegal or criminal activity or in racist, discriminatory comments, public or private incitement, negative representations of culture or equality and any other activity that is illegal or contrary to the customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia.

  3. When using such data in its original form, the user shall indicate that the source is the Saudi Authority for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones (Modon).​

 Last modified 22 Jun 2022
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