Wadi Makkah Technological Complex

​Wadi Makkah Technological Complex Company obtained the development license No. 6/KHTon 28/12/1438H.

Location The headquarters of Wadi Makkah Technological Complex is situated in the campus of Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah on a total area of 431,087 m2.
Launch Date 1433/2012
Area (m2) 431087
Completion 20 %
Project Goals

The project aims to be a global research center that provides an environment suitable for conducting scientific research to serve the knowledge sector and invest in it, as well as attract talents, invest in the transfer and localization of technology and seek to contribute effectively to the development of knowledge-based economy through partnership between educational and research institutions and the business community in order to transfer, develop and localize technology to serve the national economy and achieve sustainable development. By doing so the project provides a stimulating and attractive environment for research and development centers of local and international companies, so as to strengthen cooperation with the university and the development of scientific activity and the commercial transformation of scientific research and innovation, through the achievement of two main:


  • Invest the outputs of scientific research and innovation and transform them into products with economic returns.
  • Supervise the establishment and management of Wadi Makkah Technological Complex (Science and Technology Park at the university).


Wadi Makkah Technological Complex Company will provide its services to faculty members, male and female students, innovators, entrepreneurs, start-up, small and medium enterprises, as well as large companies locally and internationally.


Project Items

  • The project consists of a residential area, a hotel, a business center, an innovation lab, and the complex of the national transformation initiatives.



 Last modified 24 May 2019
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