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18 Jun 2018, Time 04:55 AM

 "MODON" Meets with Investors in Riyadh on "Developing Industrial Sector in KSA

30 Nov 2016

Saudi Industrial Development Authority "MODON" met today with investors in a workshop held in Riyadh to discuss developing industrial sector in KSA.

MODON and investors have discussed a number of topics related to the promotion of industrial sector growth in the region by identifying MODON projects in the industrial cities, and the products offered by MODON to investors. They also discussed topics of energy efficiency and the use of technology in increasing the industrial efficiency rates.

The workshop was also attended by representatives of the Industrial Development Fund and the Export Development Fund, aiming to stimulate dialogue and discussion amongst the all parties in the industrial sector in the Kingdom, leading to an outcome, which will support continued growth of the sector, and will overcome obstacles and challenges surrounding it.

This workshop comes as a part of regular meetings held by "MODON" with its partners in all regions of the Kingdom. 

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