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 Al-Ahsa Industrial City

24 Apr 2011

Al-Ahsa Industrial City

By: Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al-Barrak
Manager, Al-Ahsa Industrial City

The Industrial city is located on Dammam/Dhahran highway at the entrance of Al-Aqeer port road in the northwestern part, away from the city of Hofuf about 22 km north of Al-Ahsa. The industrial city is built on an area of 1.5 million square meters allotted in three phases:
Phase 1 of an area amounting to 532 thousand square meters, phase 2 of an area amounting to 512 thousand square meters, and the phase 3 of an area amounting to 456 thousand square meters.

Al-Ahsa Industrial City was inaugurated in the reign of late King Khalid, may God rest his soul, on 19/4/1401 H. The number of factories in the industrial city, at that time was 4 factories, whereas currently the number of the existing factories is more than 48 factories, in addition to 17 under construction factories. Industrial land has been allocated to investors for 25 factories of various industrial activities. These factories are characterized by the completion of all services to its three phases , and with its location on the main street that links the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries to the Eastern Province.

It is also distinguished by the provision of national human resource in the factories, as these factories have achieved success in Saudization of jobs, by the grace of God. The Saudization percentage in the factories amounts to about 30 percent. There are major factories within the city, having a large proportion of qualified and trained nationals working efficiently. Every Saudi labor who applies for a job at the management is directed to work in the factories according to their educational qualifications. The role of its management is represented in supervising the implementation of the projects built in the industrial city and the factories located within it, as well as overcoming the obstacles. Moreover, it provides services such as, industrial land to investors, electricity and purified water, industrial water, sanitation, telecommunication, firefighting stations, police, medical services, government services, smart cities and industrial security. Also, it reviews customs exemptions requests, work force and industrial licenses. Also, there is a permanent exhibition center for products manufactured within and outside the industrial city, which include different samples of developed products. It is supervised by the Public Relations Division, which highlights this role by identifying the national industrial products to visitors and delegations and by supporting through incentives provided by our wise government, may God protect it to this sector. The Industrial Department also supervises the annual marathon in participation of all the factories, where a ceremony is held on this occasion for granting awards to the winners.

All the available area of the 1st Industrial city has been allocated to investors; therefore, there is no available area to accommodate new factories. Currently, electronic requests for land are being received for the non developed 2nd industrial city in Al-Ahsa, which is located about 20 km away from the 1st industrial city on Al-Aqeer road.

The strategy of the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) is represented in upgrading the level of the existing and new industrial cities to be developed cities having integrated services; whereas encouraging and activating the role of the private sector in the construction and operation of facilities within the industrial cities and provision of other essential services to the industrial cities like gas, electricity, water and communication services, along with other services, such as, industrial security services by conducting security patrols and operation of water and sanitation facilities using the BOT system, water desalination project and the smart cities project.

The industrial city is currently witnessing a major shift through projects implemented by the rehabilitation of all roads and utilities. These developments include rehabilitation of the infrastructure of the city such as abrasion and asphalting of some of the main roads and installation of curbstones, tiles and sidewalks, also installing traffic signs on the roads network and intersections, and lighting the industrial city and the residential area as well as planting all the streets. MODON is also seeking to create a comprehensive service center for the industrialists to facilitate industrial services to businessmen which will be opened soon, God willing, with the participation of the related government departments such as, the Commerce branch, Labor Office, Chamber of Commerce and the Passport office.

Among the future projects of Al-Ahsa Industrial City is the new city project, east of Al-Ahsa, called coastal city, which is specified on the organizational Plan for Al-Ahsa. Coordination is currently taking place with Al-Ahsa Municipality to hand it over to MODON. The total area is about 300 million square meters, which will achieve the expectations of the industrialists and their future aspirations to invest in this city. The new city will be able to accommodate heavy industries, which require very large areas. It is expected, God willing, to be the first industrial city located along the sea supervised by MODON.

Furthermore, a railways station project is awaiting final approval by the Industrial Committee of the Chamber of Commerce; which has economic importance for the ndustrial city and the owners of factories within the city, and we all hope to see such project implemented soon, God willing.

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