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30 Mar 2017, Time 03:44 AM

 Saleh Ibrahim Al-Rasheed


Appointed in January 2012 as the Director General of the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON). Eng. Saleh Ibrahim Al-Rasheed has dedicated himself to providing industrial lands, integrating all support services as well as developing promising cities, in addition to laying firm foundation for excellence in customer service, operational leadership and talent development.
Under Al-Rasheed leadership, MODON successfully has been supervising and operating 35 industrial cities, exceeding SR. 10 billion in value and more than 182 million m² of industrial lands Kingdom wide at the end of 2015.
Supporting the industry, Eng. Al-Rasheed also contributed in devising new products, such as:

  • Ready Made Factories: MODON built ready industrial buildings, on an area of 1500 m², consisting areas for production, parking, landscaping, security room and management and utilities.
  • MODON Oasis: Industrial cities prepared for women's work.
  • High spec. Residential complexes.
  • Integrated environmental solutions.

Also included are infrastructure projects, environmental conservation and development of water and industrial wastewater treatment, yielding 13 power converter stations of 4.8 MVA, 10 plants for desalinated and industrial water with capacity of 40,000 m³ per day and 7 exchange stations of 65 thousand cubic meters per day capacity, in addition to plants that are built with the private sector on (BOT) System. He also developed "MODON Lake", the largest artificial lake in the Kingdom. 
These projects had a role in the speedy allotment of lands, whereby reducing the duration to just two months, which contributed to the growth of the industrial sector.
The number of industrial and investment contracts rose to more than 5,800 contracts and over two thousand new factories were established. International companies such as GE, SIEMENS, ABB, Azbil, Schlumberger, Isuzu, PepsiCo and others became attracted. Additionally private sector investment exceeded 500 billion Riyals.
The keenness of Eng. Al-Rasheed towards the Corporate Social Responsibility programs committed MODON to launch a number of initiatives like; MODON Manaret Project, the Industrial Innovation Award project, students visits to factories and Marathons, besides providing job opportunities for prison inmates in the Riyadh Third Industrial City. 
Under the leadership of Eng. Al-Rasheed, MODON has received following certificates and awards:

  • Certificate in Information Security.
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification.
  • Best Saudi Working Environment Award.
  • Achievement Award in E-Government transaction.
  • Award for Excellence in Geographic Information Systems SAG.

Eng. Al-Rasheed is also member of the Board of Directors of the following institutions:

  • Saudi Industrial Property Authority.
  • Saudi Industrial Development Fund.
  • Saudi Railways.
  • Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu.
  • Electricity Regulatory and Generation Authority.

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