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 Organization and Executive ByLaws

MODON Organization

The Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) was established by the Council of Ministers (Resolution no. 235, dated 27/8/1422H) in response to local and global changes in industrial development. It is assigned with meeting increased needs in the Kingdom, as well as future requirements, enabling a greater role for the private sector in the development, operation and management of utilities and services in a competitive atmosphere. Further, to facilitate the Kingdom’s transition to an era of privatization of utilities and services, and to open foreign markets for Saudi national industry.

The institutional structure of MODON is designed to meet these tasks. Based on specific principles, it works to fully optimize the advantages of the government’s partnership with the private sector. MODON’s role is principally in the provision and development of industrial land and services, while the finance, construction, and operations will be undertaken by the private sector competitively.
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Executive ByLaws

The By-laws of the Saudi Industrial Property Authority (MODON) were set forth in the Board of Directors resolution No. (5/2003), dated 03/12/1423H. They determine the rules and standards of MODON and govern its policies and strategies aimed at achieving the desired goals of the development of industry and overcoming obstacles faced by investors in this vital area.
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