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 Modon Oasis in Al-Ahsa


Modon Oasis in Al-Ahsa

In 2013, MODON started establishing its first oasis in Al-Ahsa, which is considered one of the most important oases, since it is prepared for the Saudi woman to work in a safe environment and in complete privacy that matches the Saudi women's' privacy. It is located in in the southern side of Al-Hafuf city on a total area of 543,431 thousand square meters that have been completely developed. It considered an incubator of all the females' industrial projects. In 2014 and 2015, the infrastructure was developed according to international quality and standards and thereafter 20 Ready Factories were constructed as a first step to enable female investors and business entrepreneurs who are interested in the field of investment in industry more than 10 different activities such as: food industry, chocolate industry, sweets, dates, medical supplies, and other eco-friendly light projects. 

Basic Information

City Al-Ahsa

​Available Incentives: Services area: Mosque, Training and Employment Center, Children's nursery, Medical and Sports Center and Recreation area.​

Total Area (m2) 543,431
Available Lands

Existing and Targeted Industries

  • Food Industry
  • Medical supplies Industry
  • Wood and furniture Industry
  • Textile and leather Industry


Important Locations Coordinates

Investment Opportunities

Contact Information

Phone 920000425

Industry Fees


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